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We'll Handle Your Dirty Work

At Apple Pie Cleaning Company, we take pride in exceeding your expectations for whatever cleaning service you request. Our team works closely with commercial clients of all sizes, large and small, and all forms of business.

Professional Office Cleaning

When you operate a business office that sees a lot of traffic on a daily basis, keeping all of your areas totally clean and sanitary is of prime importance. With all the counters, chairs, restrooms, tables, and many other surfaces that can collect germs, it’s a constant struggle to stay up with the ongoing necessary cleaning for aesthetic and health reasons.
With our office cleaning services at Apple Pie Cleaning Company, you can rest assured that all of your public and employee spaces are kept at the highest level of cleanliness. Our experienced staff will efficiently clean all table surfaces, chairs and desks, and all miscellaneous objects that come in contact with human touch. Our services include vacuuming and sanitizing with all-natural, eco-friendly products.

Retail Cleaning

Retail stores see a lot of traffic. If you own a clothing store, supermarket, hardware store, or another type of retail shop, you have a lot of space and people to protect. When you work with the trustworthy team at Apple Pie Cleaning Company, your concerns about keeping your retail space clean and sanitary are over.
Our expert cleaners are all diligent in making sure that every space and surface is thoroughly and properly cleaned. Fingerprints on clothes racks, grime on checkout counters, and germs on shopping carts are sure to be eradicated by the tenacious attention we give to every detail. Your employees and guests can rest easy knowing that all of your retail spaces are bright and hygienic.

Light Industrial Cleaning

Local factories see a lot of foot traffic with employees as well as exposure to chemicals and potential pollutants in the air. At Apple Pie Cleaning Company, we’re highly experienced at not only diligently cleaning surfaces but also purifying the air of any contaminants. Whether you own a manufacturing plant for paper products, electronic equipment, or consumer edibles, we have you covered for top-of-the-line cleaning and sanitation.
Our professional team is specifically trained to perform a thorough cleaning of light industrial facilities. We’ll ensure that all surfaces are appropriately sanitized and that all areas receive proper disinfecting with professional germ-killing solutions. You can have peace of mind that all employees and visitors have a fresh, safe space at all times.

Event Space Cleaning

Event spaces such as concert halls, auditoriums, theaters, and the like can be notorious for getting dirty and harboring a plethora of germs. If you own or manage one of these public spaces, Apple Pie Cleaning Company is your number one choice for ensuring that your event space is clean and sanitary following a recent event.
Unlike other spaces, event spaces face issues such as spilled soft drinks and an unbelievable amount of debris and refuse. At Apple Pie Cleaning Company, we’re the reliable team that will get your event space cleaned up and returned to its former shine. Top-notch cleaning and disinfecting products are the main tools we use in returning your space to normal. Rest assured that your setting will be safe and ready for the next event.


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